Four Month Checkup

I had my four month checkup today.
Here are my stats:

Weight: 20 lbs
Height: 27 1/8 inches

Three Month Photos!

Here are some of my three month pictures. :)

All in a weekend's work...

This is me eating some bananas...I'm not really sure if I like them yet. I do like squash though!!

This is just me looking "cool."

Anymore, I do anything I can to get comfy on the couch :)

How dare they take my picture when I'm not dressed!!

Fell asleep watching TV

Why does everyone keep refering to me as "Joe Junior?"

Look ma! I'm standing!

I learned a new trick today, I can stand up almost all by myself!

Christmas Decorations!

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My mommy and daddy have been decorating for Christmas!

I Helped!

This is the Christmas tree in our living room.

This is the Rudolph Christmas tree, it's in our dining room.

I have a Christmas tree in my room too. It's really small, I'm almost as big as it is!


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Am I sitting all by myself?


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This is with with my cousin Ethan. He loved helping me bounce in my Jumparoo!


I got my picture taken with Santa tonight!
He was very nice, and I told him what I wanted for Christmas.
He made me smile.