Happy Half Birthday Gavin!

Gavin turns six months old today, I can't believe how fast the time has flown! I don't have his stats yet, as we haven't been to his doctors appointment, but I can show you some of the "tricks" he has learned so far.
He sits very well. As you can see, we don't even use a barricade of pillows anymore!

We've been practicing with a sippy cup.

And we've kind of skipped baby food and moved onto the self feed stuff. I know, it's not the most desirable route to take, but this kid was impossible to feed. He can't sit still for a second, and getting the spoon into his mouth was pretty much impossible. So, we got some biter biscuits, he's thrilled, and it works wonderfully for us.
And, he is starting to crawl a bit more. He's had a "scootch" down for awhile now, but he's finally learning to use his arms.

His favorite toys are not actually his toys. He's in heaven if he can get ahold of a bag, he loves Jayden's cars, and if Jasper is chewing on something Gaving does all he can to get it from Japser. He still has no teeth, but he is working on them! He has gotten himself all the way up to sitting from his belly once, otherwise he can tripod himself up. He also chatters a lot. He has his "dadadada"s "gagagaga"s "babababa"s, and the occassional "mamamama"s down. Along with just a lot of very loud happy screaming. He is a wonderful, happy baby, with a temper. :) He loves his big brother, and his big brother loves him. Jayden is always bringing his toys in for Gavin to play with, and I think Gavin already prefers. He is definately a daddy's boy, he lights up whenever he sees Josh and immediatly starts reaching for him. It's very cute, and I know Josh loves it.
He still is not sleeping through the night.
So, there you are, a little update on who Gavin is today and I got all of my mommy bragging out of the way. He is such a fun little guy, that we're all looking foward to what the next six months are going to bring.

West Burlington Pool

Josh and I decided to load up the family and go swimming. We originally tried to go to Dankwardt Pool, but even though the website says it's open til' 7pm, the workers told us they've only been open until 6pm for at least the last four years (after watching us pull up at 5:55 pm, unload Jayden, Gavin, our towels, and our bag). So, we thought we'd try out the West Burlington Pool. We had a GREAT time! They don't have a real kiddie pool, but the area is very kid friendly. Plenty of activities, shallow water, and lifeguards. It was a wonderful time.

I finally picked Gavin up a pair of swim trunks today, he was so wound up after Josh dressed him for the pool. He basically laided on the floor and screeched until we got fully ready.
I picked Jayden up a swim suit with floaty pads built in. I told him they were his strong muscles, so of course he had to show them off for us. Jayden's suit gave him loads of confidence, and he was doing a great job jumping into the deeper water, and he was swimming from the side to us.

This was Gavin's intertube, he wasn't quite sure of it at first.
But within minutes he fell asleep, and napped for about half an hour like this in the pool.

Gavin floated for about an hour and half, his toes were very wrinkly by the time we finished up...

While Josh and I were grabbing the camera to take a picture of Gavin's toes, we looked down and noticed that a cold little Jayden had laid himself down for a little break.

I think he was a little tired....That was our day!

Big Boy!

9:08 PM by Chelsea 4 Comments
Gavin is growing up so fast! He's been getting up on all fours for the last couple of days, and even rocking a bit.

He is also sitting very well also.
Ain't he cute??

Now, if only he'd start sleeping through the night!
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