Photo Hunt

Friday night Daddy, Mommy, and I went to Aunt Heather's house to celebrate her Birthday! It was so much fun, I had a great time playing with Ethan.

Here is a picture of me, Nana, and Ethan.

Ethan was teaching me about Trains!

This one is Gordon.

Can you believe he's a whole THREE years older than I am??

Big Boy Toys!

Since I'm so good at sitting, I get to play with my BIG toy now!

I take my work seriously.

Let's exactly does this thing work??

Ohhh, I see. You take that ball....

....and you put it over here, like this....

Wow! That's pretty neat! :)

A guestbook

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Valentine Pictures!!

Happy Valentine Day!!!! I know it's early, but hey, I'm already donning some great Valenintes Day outfits thanks to Aunt Kimmie and Aunt Jenny, so I HAD to share. :)

ps...don't mind the drool, I can't help it...

You read it right...Irresistible.