Valentine Pictures!!

Happy Valentine Day!!!! I know it's early, but hey, I'm already donning some great Valenintes Day outfits thanks to Aunt Kimmie and Aunt Jenny, so I HAD to share. :)

ps...don't mind the drool, I can't help it...

You read it right...Irresistible.

2 Response to "Valentine Pictures!!"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Jayden, my little buddy:
    I just love your pictures you have of you on here. PLease tell your Mommy that she is doing a great job and to keep it up. Love ya, and maybe see you tomorrow.
    Love, Grandpa, and oh Grandma too.

  2. mandy Says:

    Hi buddy boy!!! Those are adorable pictures of you...i really like the last one...VERY cute...oh my...

    so glad i got to see you today...i love you so much and see you on saturday :)


    aunt mandy