Open House Day!

I thought I'd put together a little online Open House with before and after pictures of most rooms for those of you who couldn't make it. The pictures aren't all the greatest, but I think they'll show what we've done so far. I'll write a bit more about the actual Open House at the end of the post.

Dining Room: Before
Dining Room: After
We still have a lot of painting to do, but we've come a long way so far.

Living Room: Before
Living Room: After
Family Room: BeforeFamily Room: AfterMaster Bedroom: Before (actually, after we took the plywood off of the windows, added new windows, and took out the shag carpeting)Master Bedroom: AfterJayden's Room: BeforeJayden's Room: AfterUpstairs Bathroom: BeforeUpstairs Bathroom: AfterDownstairs Bath : BeforeDownstairs Bath: AfterKitchen Picture 1: Before
Kitchen Picture 1: After
Kitchen Picture 2: Before
Kitchen Picture 2: After
Babies Room: Before (Did you catch that??)

Babies Room: After. Obviously, we have a lot of work to do in the next 8 months. :)
Yes, we are expecting a second little one sometime around February. We're very happy, and I really can't wait to get started on this room!

As far as the Open House goes, we had a really great time. Close to 70 people showed up, so I think it was a success. It was great to hear so many wonderful comments from everybody, and a really nice ego boost to keep us going. The previous owner even stopped by, so that was kind of fun to show him how much we've done, because he more than anybody would know how much work we've done far. Here are a couple of pictures from the party, I didn't have much time to take many pictures because I was busy giving tours most of the time!

The pictures will come, I promise!

So, I'm a week late with picture updates (sorry Steve!). Our open house is this upcoming Saturday, and you wouldn't believe how hard we've been working to get things done. So basically, I'm not posting pictures until this weekend because I don't want to ruin things for the people who are coming, so if you aren't coming, you'll just have to wait until the weekend (ahem, Steve). Lord knows I hate posting a blog without pictures, but I think it will be worth the wait. Not that it's anything spectacular, but there is a lot of stuff that I'm pretty darned proud of. In the last couple of weeks we've almost finished the half bath downstairs, mostly finished our bedroom which had been sorely neglected since we've moved here, and nearly finished the upstairs bathroom too! Those are a lot of rooms that are almost done! Can you believe it? Sure, we still have a couple of rooms that we have barely started on, but it still feels good to have some rooms that have the biggest things out of the way.

Plus, those of you who aren't coming on Saturday (Steve again), you'll be missing a pretty neat surprise.

Also, the folks over at RemodelingMySpace have written up a lovely article on the blog, you can read it here:
It's such a nice write up, and for those of you who may not be all that familiar with our renovation process, they really summed things up nicely.

PS. I'm just teasing, Steve.

Alright, so I couldn't quite post without pictures, cause the kids in my family are so stinking cute.
Jayden on the carousal at Steamboat Days with Josh...pretty much the only ride he could/would ride.

Ethan and Scott are in the last seat on the roller coaster at Steamboat Days. If you look close enough, you'll see Scott's tongue sticking out in an attractive 'gag' face.

Jay and Tay hanging out by the pool.

Jayden's newest favorite summer toy, the Slip n Slide!

We are working....really, we are...

...we just aren't blogging much.
Actually, we've gotten a lot accomplished since I last wrote! The half bath downstairs is almost done, the upstairs bathrooms is also almost done, Josh cleaned up the basement, and I repainted Jayden's floor. All in all, a very good weekend here. Tiresome, but good.
I'll post pictures and a few more details tomorrow. I just wanted to give you all something to look at so you don't quit stopping by.
Blogging just doesn't feel the same when there aren't pictures to look at.
Plus, I've got some majorly cute pictures of Jayden. Surprise surprise.

The Open House is in less than two weeks.
Wish us luck.