The end of the day...

Easter was so much fun! Look at all of the neat stuff I got!
Thank you everyone!!!!!

Easter at Nana's House

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For Easter supper, we went to Nana's house. Nana, Uncle Josh, Uncle Perry, Aunt Heather, Uncle Scott, and Ethan were all there. The Easter bunny came here too, he hid a bunch of Easter Eggs for Ethan and I to find! They were stuck to windows, hanging from trees, and hidden in the was hard work, but Ethan and I found them all!

Easter at Grandma and Grandpa's house

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For lunchtime, we went to Grandma Barb and Grandpa Joes house to have Easter with them, and Tim, Becky and Taylor. I showed them my new bike, and then Taylor and I got even MORE Easter baskets!

Easter Morning

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This morning, the Easter Bunny came to my house! He got me a bike, a swimming pool, and a bunch of other cool things!

Easter Bunny

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This is the second time I got to see REAL Easter Bunnies. Ethan and I both got our pictures taken.
The first time I went with Taylor, but mommy says we have to wait until the pictures come in the mail before we get to see them.

Nana's House

It was really nice out today, so mommy and I went up to Nana's house to play. It was a lot of fun, she has really pretty flowers.

Easter Eggs!

Tonight, mommy, daddy and I dyed Easter Eggs!. They made me go in my diaper so I wouldn't mess up my clothes. They only gave me one egg...I tried to eat it, but it was too hard! Afterwords, they gave me a bath...I was SO HAPPY!

The Park!!!

Today, mommy took me to the park! I got to swing, play with flowers, and see the river! Everything smelled so nice, and the wind felt so good! Mommy and Daddy said that since its nice out, we get to go the park a lot...I'm so happy its spring!! Its way better than that lowsy ol' winter.

Summer fun!

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Yesterday mommy and daddy took me to grandma and grandpa's house. Taylor and I played together outside in the grass! It was SO nice out...we both got to wear shorts!