Daddy's Boy

Nothing beats an ICE COLD's actually water though, mommy and daddy won't let me have the real stuff.

Writing my blog

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I know many of you are skeptical as to whether or not I actually write my own blog. Well, I thought I'd offer proof!


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How do you like my wheels??

More odds and ends

Mommy took this picture because she thought I was looking grown up in it. I AM almost 5 months old :)

I love getting to my stomach whenever I can...but I hate having to lay on my stomach! The rolling part is the fun part!!

More sitting!!!

This is me in my daddies coat when he was really small.

Daddy and Me!!!

Sitting Up

Last night, I sat up all by myself! Mommy and Daddy said it was for a whole thirty seconds! They didn't get a very good picture because they couldn't find the camera. :( But, they made me sit again, and I did alright for pictures, but I kept falling off to the side...

Big boy cup!

This morning, mommy let me drink from a big boy cup for the first time! I think I did pretty good. I had to put on a new sleeper cause mine got wet, but it was worth it!


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One morning, I woke up and decided to make this face ALL morning.

Just a random picture :)

My mommy just loves taking my picture in my's so much fun!

Her I am in the BIG's very relaxing. My mommy likes it because I don't get the kitchen floor all wet when I take a bath in here.

This is me with my kitty, Gizmo. Sometimes she takes a nap with me.

Rolled Over!

I rolled over all by myself for the very first time today! My mom was so surprised to leave me in the living room my on back, and return when I was on my stomach! There's no stopping me now!

First Christmas Day!

This is me in front of our Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

By now, I was really getting the hang of this "opening presents" thing.

Have you ever seen such a haul???

Taylor and I agree, the left thumb is MUCH tastier!

We don't care what our daddies say, we'll always be buddies!

I just couldn't help myself to a nap while Taylor opened her was just too comfy.

There comes a time in every young man's life, when his mommy makes him look like a girl, and takes a picture.

First Christmas Eve

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My Christmas Eve day started off with my Grandpa John and Grandma Deb coming over. Uncle Josh, Aunt Heather, Uncle Scott, and Ethan also came over to celebrate!

This is Ethan and his daddy checking out the new guitar Grandma Deb and Grandpa John got him (my daddy was very jealous!).

After that, we went to my Nana's house. Hanna brought her doggie, Cheech, along with her. He kept trying to play with Little Kitty!

This is Ethan and Cheech, they became great friends right away!

It was a very long day, at least I finally found a comfortable spot to take my nap :)