2 Month Checkup

Here are the stats:
Length: 23 3/4 Inches
Weight: 11 pounds, 11 ounces

I got bored while waiting for the doctor, so I thought I'd sneak in a doctor's visit photo. Gavin was a real trooper for the shots, he screamed blood murder, but only until I picked him up.
Gotta love having the "Mother's Touch" super power. Plus he was lucky because they've combined shots, so he only had to get 3 instead of 5.
The nurses and doctor all commented on how he was such a calm, content baby. Which he definitely is. Overall, the doctor said he was perfect. I agree.

The Three Hot Mommas

10:49 AM by Chelsea 3 Comments
As most of you know I was pregnant at the same time as two of my sister in laws, Becky and Kim, and we got a few pictures along the way!

Becky, Kim and I, right before Colin was born.

Shortly before Peyton entered the world.
And the three bouncing baby boys. As you can tell, Gavin wasn't really in the mood to pose for pictures.

Today is Gavin's two month checkup, so I may actually get in TWO POSTS today! Wow!

Don't quote me on that though...


As you'll surely be able to tell by the following pictures, we had a wonderful Easter.
We started off the weekend by braving the cold and going to the Bees stadium for an Easter Egg hunt. There were TONS of kids, so it was kind of hard to get a lot of eggs, the whole hunt for Jayden's age group was over in less than five minutes. He still had a great time, and was thrilled to be able to eat as much candy as he wanted. Gavin slept the whole time.
From there we headed to the mall to check out the Easter Bunny, Jayden was a little apprehensive but we were eventually able to get him to sit in front of the Easter Bunny...that picture is a couple of posts back. Gavin slept.
On Sunday morning we were able to explore the Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny had left behind. Once again, Jayden was thrilled to be able to eat all of the candy he wanted. He also helped Gavin go through his own Easter basket. Jayden got candy, bubble, some toys, a book and a little Spongebob Soccer set; Gavin received books, a monkey bank, a monkey pillow, and some other little toys. We also had a little Easter egg hunt for Jayden...next year he'll finally have some competition. After our little bit of Easter at our house, we headed to the Memorial Auditorium for mass. Jayden was pretty good, he would have been better if his parents would have taken church into consideration before letting him lose with his Easter candy beforehand. And of course...Gavin slept. We then went straight to Joe and Barb's house for lunch. There were more Easter baskets waiting for the kids, as well as an Easter egg hunt. Jayden was the only kid able to participate, as Taylor and Colin were at home, and Peyton and Gavin are still a bit small. Needless to say, he ended up with another basket full.

And our last but not least stop, we all headed to my mom's house for dinner. There was yet another Easter Egg hunt, Jayden had some pretty good practice at this point, which was good because he actually had some competition with his cousin Ethan. They both did great and ended up with full buckets. Jayden and Ethan had a great time together, and they, along with my mom's dog Allie, helped each other burn off a lot of energy. Gavin was actually awake a bit, and the pictures of him in a previous post show just how happy he was by the evening.