Happy Birthday Gavin!

Happy Birthday, to our sweet little boy Gavin!

A cute video of Gavin enjoying some Birthday Balloons:

I'll post a bit more info soon!

First Haircut

I wanted to wait until after his one year Birthday, but I got tired of constantly washing the dried in food that tangled up his hair. His hair was really pretty unruly, but I knew that once he had a haircut he would not look like a baby any more and it's hard to prepare yourself for that. So last night, we chopped the curls. We bribed him into sitting still with some Conversation Hearts, Jayden has apparently introduced these to him earlier in the day while I was on the phone. If you know Gavin, he has to constantly play with food that is in his mouth, so one heart kept him preoccupied for a couple of minutes at least.
Anyway, here is the before:

And here he is this morning:


Well, I'm slacking, and I'm sorry. I've been so busy lately working and I've had sick boys for the past week. I've had so much that I've wanted to blog about, because we've been doing some fun things (except for the sick week). This will simply be an abridged version of the last month of so.
Some of the fun things we've done:
We went to the water park...when it was -20 outside.
We've gone roller skating

We've played

We've painted

And we've caused trouble

Whew! That's it for now! Back to work :)