Well, I'm slacking, and I'm sorry. I've been so busy lately working and I've had sick boys for the past week. I've had so much that I've wanted to blog about, because we've been doing some fun things (except for the sick week). This will simply be an abridged version of the last month of so.
Some of the fun things we've done:
We went to the water park...when it was -20 outside.
We've gone roller skating

We've played

We've painted

And we've caused trouble

Whew! That's it for now! Back to work :)

5 Response to "Whoops!"

  1. mandy Says:

    cute cute cute pix...and its tooo bad the kids were sick last week!!! everyone has been sick the past couple weeks...it stinks!!!

    hope the kiddos get better soon and hope you two don't catch it!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Loved all the pics!! The water park looks so fun, wish we could do that when Bec comes. I know she still wants to bowl. Hope the boys are both on the mend. If all goes well we'll plan this weekend!? Love, G-Ma XO XO

  3. The Arnold Family Says:

    So cute! I love the walker on the skating rink!

  4. aunt jenny Says:

    Well, it looks like you've been having a good time (except for the sick week, of course). I can't believe you went to Kenny's Roller Rink! How awesome that it still looks the same! Jayden's mustache is too much!

  5. mandy Says:

    i was looking back at this post and the one of jayden sure does look like he has a little mustache, didnt notice it until now...HAHA