A job interview!

I'm off to the first interview of my adult life, for a career as a Realtor! Wish me luck!
I'll post a real update later. :)


After sitting around the house for months and months, the double ovens are finally in place!
They still need to be wired into the fuse box, but hey, we're pretty close.

Tomorrow the cabinet guy is coming to measure for counter tops, and to hopefully deliver some of the stuff we had to reorder. We still need to finish up the plumbing and run the gas lines to the stove top, and then we'll be fully up and running. We're hoping to have everything going by Easter, so we can have our first holiday meal here. :)

Is it sad...

...that simply placing my dusty, still covered in protective tape, empty stove top that won't even be hooked up for weeks on my kitchen island invokes so much pleasure in me that I immediately feel the need to grab the camera for such a joyous moment?

Unwanted Houseguests

Well, I think Kimmie's bats might have moved into our house, since they've been kicked out of hers. We've had two in the house so far this week. The first was in our bathroom, which I didn't even notice until I was almost done with my bath. The second was yesterday in our kitchen, which I didn't notice until Perry and I were holding up a large cabinet for Josh to screw into the wall. Basically, we were all stuck, staring at this bat until the cabinet was secure. Ew.

In other news, we've gotten a little bit further on the kitchen. Our refrigerator is finally out of our dining room and in it's permanent place, the dish washer is in place (but not hooked up), and Josh and Perry made some great strides at getting the double ovens hooked up. Perry is taking some Cherry wood home tonight to cut, because our ovens are too narrow for the opening, he's also going to stain it for us. Thanks Perry!

Heather and Scott brought up my old twin bed today, so Jayden officially has his big boy bed in his room now! He's been keeping us up at night by rocking, it moves the whole bed and makes a horrible racket. We're hoping that if we start transitioning him to the bigger bed, he might sleep a little bit better. Jayden loves it so far, and was SO excited when he saw it in his room for the first time.

And, because kids are cute, here are some cute pictures!

Jayden and Taylor getting a ride from Kimmie in her laundry basket. One of their favorite things to do!

Jayden playing with the rocks at Nana's house, right before he got his new shoes caked in mud.

Taylor showing off her cowgirl hat on Kimmie's new big girl bed!

Ethan, Jayden, and Taylor enthralled by something outside the window (I think it was a garbage truck).

Photo Hunt #49: Drink

This is a picture I took of Jayden when he was a little under 2 months old. Basically, this is what happens when you're a stay at home mom, you get bored, and your husband is a big Cubs fan that works for Pepsi. Isn't he the cutest??

The kitchen saga continues...

Well, I finally let myself do something I'd been fighting against for months. I got excited about the kitchen. I actually let myself believe that it might be done sometime in the not so distant future. To the point of actually telling everyone to plan on Easter being held here. *sigh*
As I've written before, we had a few problems with our cabinets. The kitchen cabinet guy came yesterday, something I wasn't really looking forward to because I was afraid he'd get in a mood about it. He's kind of like that. I went over the list with him bit by bit.
  • The drawer fronts were all wrong. They're flat fronts, when they were supposed to match cabinet doors. He said that the guy that did our kitchen as since been fired because he ordered a lot of stuff wrong, he even told me that he had an entire kitchen in his warehouse that he has to get rid of because it was completely wrong. He then went on to tell me that the drawers I want are much more expensive and that I didn't actually pay for that type of drawer.
  • Our window wasn't centered between the upper cabinets, even though we moved the entire window so it would be centered above the sink. It wasn't something that we noticed right away because the kitchen was ordered before the window was moved. He said that we could get a 12 inch cabinet to replace the 15 cabinet that was ordered and things should be centered up.
  • Two cabinets came broken, one completely busted. He just looked them over to see if they could be repaired, but they were pretty far gone.
  • We were supposed to receive posts for our island from a different company, we received the stain so we could match the posts, but the actual posts weren't ordered.

In the end he said that he had a proposition for me. He would pay for the new 12 inch cabinet so the window would be centered, he'd pay for the broken cabinets (isn't that kind? the cabinets that came broken?) and he would pay for the posts. But he wanted me to pay for the new drawers. I said no, I already paid for drawers. His argument was that I didn't actually pay for the drawers I wanted and that they were much more expensive, my argument was that when I signed my check, I was paying for the drawers I wanted, and our loan is closed and we don't have pocket money for new drawers. Finally, he said "Fine, I just thought I'd see if you'd be fair about it all." Not the best thing to say. He agreed to pay for the drawers, but only because my mom is such a good customer of his (which he mentioned numerous times). I guess my business or happiness as a customer doesn't count. He said he'd order everything and walked through the house and out the door without telling me when the cabinets would arrive, or even a simple goodbye. I'd meant to ask him to go ahead and measure for the counter top, since most of the lower cabinets were okay...but I didn't get the chance. So now, after being so close to having a functional kitchen, we're stuck waiting again.

That's it for my rant. Hopefully I'll be posting about my nearly finished kitchen sometime before Easter.

An Architecture Tour of Burlington

This weeks topic for Photo Hunt is architecture. So, rather than just putting up one picture, I thought I'd put up a few of my home town, Burlington.

This is the Great River Bridge over the Mississippi.

This is the train bridge.
This is the Memorial Auditorium on the riverfront, it's currently getting a bit of a face lift.
This is a block downtown that is pretty much vacant. Our downtown has beautiful buildings, but many of them have set empty for years. I worked in the bookshelf building on the right when it was a costume shop.This is my mom's house, the real reason for my house rehabilitation craziness. It sat empty for 20 years with the windows boarded up, without electricity or plumbing until she bought it.

This is a view from my mom's house of Saint John's Church.
Another view from my mom's house of the downtown and Snake Alley.

Here it is with fresh snow. :)


Murphey's Law

Well, it doesn't look like we'll have a done kitchen by the end of the weekend. Due to human error, and too much time spent in the warehouse, we've got a few problems to deal with. Such as the aforementioned problem with the butt ugly drawers that look like cheap filing cabinets (sorry to anyone that might have these types of drawers, they just aren't our style) and the warped drawer. We're also missing our posts for the island, and a small filler piece. The person that we ordered our cabinets through is no longer there, so apparently we weren't the only people that have had some problems. The cabinet people were very nice, and are coming on Monday to take care of all of the problems.
It's frustrating, but I have to say that I was definitely expecting something to go wrong. Something always goes wrong. I'm just glad that a) it wasn't my fault because it usually is and b) it isn't going to cost us any money.

Kitchen Cabinet Update

We got a very good start on the kitchen cabinets tonight, thanks to so much help from so many people. I have no idea how we would survive without family! So far, there are a few problems: the drawers are wrong, they're flat fronts and they're supposed to be framed like the cabinets, and one of the doors is warped. So far, that's it. Otherwise, everything is starting to look really nice, our kitchen already looks smaller!

And here is Scott, my brother in law, hard at work doing his Madonna impersonation.
Sorry ladies, he's taken.

The cabinets are here!

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The kitchen cabinets are here!

Now all we have to do is take them out of the boxes and screw them up on the walls. Piece of cake.

Of course, Jayden promptly got lost in the only cabinet that was out of the box, which happened to be behind many other boxes that I couldn't get through.

Goodbye drywall dust! (for now)

Our kitchen cabinets are being delivered tomorrow, so Josh and I are trying to do all we can to get ready for them! Last night Josh finished up the little areas in the kitchen that still needed to be sanded, and he got a coat of primer up on the spots that still needed it. We're going to put one more coat of paint up on the walls tonight, and then we'll be good to go.

Heather and I moved my desk into the kitchen, and I moved the hutch part in today. It's kind of a different desk, but I like it because it fits the space so well. We'll probably repaint it and put different knobs on it someday, but it's a project we don't need to undertake right now. Plus, the yellow doesn't look to bad with the green and red. I'd love to start moving in the rest of the furniture pieces that will go in the kitchen so I can clear out a bit of the rest of the house, but I'm making myself wait for the cabinets. I'm sure the room will be full of enough stuff when they get here.

There will still be quite a few little jobs to do once the cabinets are in, but nothing too major. I've got a few little spots to touch up on the floor, I'm waiting until the cabinets are in, in case we scuff anything. We (meaning Josh) still needs to run plumbing to the sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator. The drains and vents are already ran, so he basically just needs to run the water pipes. All of the electrical is done, we just have to put in all of the switches and plugs. We've also got to call to get the gas ran to the stove top, something we aren't quite comfortable with doing ourselves. Then there's the woodwork to put up, and the door going into the dining room (to the left of the desk) still needs a frame put in. By the time most of this stuff is done, we should have a fully functioning kitchen. It's not much, really. You should have seen the kitchen before.

Resolutions Revisited

I'm really trying to keep up with our house resolutions...but I keep forgetting about updating the list. I'm only a few days late.

Jayden's Room

  • Touch up floor paint
  • Install and paint quarter round and floor trim
  • Finish shelving
  • Install dimmer switch
  • Blank covers for obsolete outlets
  • Install lighting in closet
  • Paint door

Master Bedroom

  • One more coat of paint on walls
  • Edging on ceiling
  • Plate covers
  • Finish Trim
  • Install Door
  • Install closet lights
  • Run cable to our room

Upstairs Hallway

  • Finish patching cracks
  • Sand
  • Primer and paint ceilings and walls
  • Install lighting
  • Switch plate covers
  • Paint woodwork
  • Install shelving

Kid's Bath

  • Finish Floor
  • Plumbing
  • Order faucet for tub
  • Sand walls
  • Primer and Paint walls and ceiling
  • Finish painting bead board
  • Put up trim
  • Put up and finish door
  • Install Lighting
  • Hang medicine cabinet


  • Sand, primer, paint walls and ceiling
  • Sand and varnish woodwork

Living Room

  • Finish woodwork
  • Finish installing built in media cabinet
  • Finish dresser
  • Finish and install french doors
  • Touch up paint

Family Room

  • Touch up paint
  • Put up woodwork
  • Finish woodwork
  • Install built in bookshelves

Dining Room

  • One more coat of regular paint
  • Top coat paints
  • Woodwork
  • Switch plate covers
  • Door on closet

Half bath

  • Put in ceiling
  • Plaster and sand walls and ceiling
  • Primer and paint walls and ceiling
  • Paint bead board and woodwork
  • Plate covers
  • Hang medicine cabinet


  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Drywall walls
  • Drywall ceiling
  • Plaster, Sand, Primer and paint walls and ceiling
  • Install and paint woodwork
  • Sand and paint floor
  • Install lighting
  • Install cabinets
  • Install appliances


  • Scrape paint
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Begin landscaping
It doesn't look like much, mostly because we've been putting all of our energy into the kitchen. But, I'm really happy with the way things are going so far, and once we get the kitchen complete, it'll be easier to go through and finish up the smaller projects in some of the other room.

Kitchen floor is DONE!

It was a long weekend, but we finally managed to complete our kitchen floors. Up until Friday we spent our time sweeping, scrubbing, sanding and vacuuming to get the floors ready to be painted.
On Friday, my mom and I had about half of the floor painted.

On Saturday we cleared out the rest of the kitchen, and I worked on scrubbing all of the plaster off of the floors and sanding down some of the knots I'd filled with wood filler. By the evening the entire floor had two coats of paint.

This morning my mom came over and we started tracing out the squares. We made perfect squares, and then connected the corners diagonally to get diamonds.

From there, I started taping each diamond...one by one...

Until, hours later, the entire room was done.

Then Josh and I both started painting in the diamonds...

and Ta Da!

We're very happy with the results. Of course, I can hardly stand upright after spending so much time on the floor, but it was worth it. It's nice and bold and the room is completely full of color, which I love! Later this week we will FINALLY have kitchen cabinets delivered. Hallelujah!

Photo Hunt #47: Salty

I've recently joined a Photohunt group on another blog. Basically they pick a theme each Saturday, and you post a picture to go with that theme.

This is me when I was pregnant in the Florida Keys. Josh and I went to Florida for our honeymoon, and were so excited to get in the ocean that we both jumped right in. We came up gasping and trying desperately to get the extreme saltiness off of our mouths. So now, when I think of salty, I think of the ocean.


Another light up!

Josh put up our final kitchen light, it'll hang over the island.

Ikea haters, can you really beat a light like this for only $40? Of course we haven't turned it on yet...
Thanks to Jenny for picking it up for us! Nobody is safe from helping us work on the house in one way or another. :)

Happy 18 month!

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Since we don't' have a February 29th this year, I suppose we'll celebrate Jayden's 18 month Birthday today. At 18 months, Jayden is really a lot of fun. He has a very strong personality that can easily take over in every regard; if he's in a silly mood he can make us laugh until tears are streaming down our faces, his happy mood is easily contagious, when he's sociable nobody can escape without a least a "Hey!" and usually a poke of his finger (he probably learned that from Uncle Scott), when he's feeling shy you won't get a peep out of him, and his bad mood is a force to be reckoned with.

His vocabulary has really expanded these last few months, he can repeat almost anything he hears, even though mommy and sometimes daddy are the only ones who might understand him. His current favorite words to say are: Door, because a door means he gets to go somewhere else; "Clock," I think because everyone giggles because he can't pronounce the L part; "Car," for the same reason as door; "Uh oh," no matter where you are, if you drop something within 50 feet of Jayden you'll hear a nice loud "uh oh!" from his direction; "Thereyaare," for anytime he finds something that we've been looking for. The people he can name are Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, Scott (calls him Cott), Ethan (comes out E), we've gotten a few tries at Taylor, and Mo (our cat Gizmo).

His really big thing is sound effects. If anything makes a sound, he tries to copy it. Whether it be power tools or just the sound of his milk pouring, he tries to do the noise. It's very cute, and we've come to understand some as his sound effects as a way of communication. For example, whenever he goes "Vrooooom, vrooooooom!" we know there's a vacuum in site, or he wants the vacuum out.

Some of Jayden's favorite things to do include tickle time, anything loud, going anywhere, pretend play with his tools or kitchen foods, chasing after Gizmo, playing in the bathtub, and helping to work on the house. Really, basically anything that can bring him into the middle of everything.

He is an absolute joy to be around (unless he's in that bad mood, then we gotta watch out). I'd like to say at 18 months, we've kind of got this parenting thing figured out...but Jayden hasn't let us. He throws us a curve ball every other day, keeping us on our toes. He has made parenting fun and interesting, and we cant imagine our lives without him. Happy 18 month buddy boy!