The kitchen saga continues...

Well, I finally let myself do something I'd been fighting against for months. I got excited about the kitchen. I actually let myself believe that it might be done sometime in the not so distant future. To the point of actually telling everyone to plan on Easter being held here. *sigh*
As I've written before, we had a few problems with our cabinets. The kitchen cabinet guy came yesterday, something I wasn't really looking forward to because I was afraid he'd get in a mood about it. He's kind of like that. I went over the list with him bit by bit.
  • The drawer fronts were all wrong. They're flat fronts, when they were supposed to match cabinet doors. He said that the guy that did our kitchen as since been fired because he ordered a lot of stuff wrong, he even told me that he had an entire kitchen in his warehouse that he has to get rid of because it was completely wrong. He then went on to tell me that the drawers I want are much more expensive and that I didn't actually pay for that type of drawer.
  • Our window wasn't centered between the upper cabinets, even though we moved the entire window so it would be centered above the sink. It wasn't something that we noticed right away because the kitchen was ordered before the window was moved. He said that we could get a 12 inch cabinet to replace the 15 cabinet that was ordered and things should be centered up.
  • Two cabinets came broken, one completely busted. He just looked them over to see if they could be repaired, but they were pretty far gone.
  • We were supposed to receive posts for our island from a different company, we received the stain so we could match the posts, but the actual posts weren't ordered.

In the end he said that he had a proposition for me. He would pay for the new 12 inch cabinet so the window would be centered, he'd pay for the broken cabinets (isn't that kind? the cabinets that came broken?) and he would pay for the posts. But he wanted me to pay for the new drawers. I said no, I already paid for drawers. His argument was that I didn't actually pay for the drawers I wanted and that they were much more expensive, my argument was that when I signed my check, I was paying for the drawers I wanted, and our loan is closed and we don't have pocket money for new drawers. Finally, he said "Fine, I just thought I'd see if you'd be fair about it all." Not the best thing to say. He agreed to pay for the drawers, but only because my mom is such a good customer of his (which he mentioned numerous times). I guess my business or happiness as a customer doesn't count. He said he'd order everything and walked through the house and out the door without telling me when the cabinets would arrive, or even a simple goodbye. I'd meant to ask him to go ahead and measure for the counter top, since most of the lower cabinets were okay...but I didn't get the chance. So now, after being so close to having a functional kitchen, we're stuck waiting again.

That's it for my rant. Hopefully I'll be posting about my nearly finished kitchen sometime before Easter.

2 Response to "The kitchen saga continues..."

  1. mandy Says:

    josh called me yesterday and told me about what sowwie :(

    he was bein a total jerk and just glad you vented...its best to do that i think

    see ya's this weekend :)

  2. Jen Stevens Says:

    Sorry for all of your headaches! You will have to let me know who you bought your cabinets from so I will know better than to do business with them. Hang in there!