Happy 18 month!

Since we don't' have a February 29th this year, I suppose we'll celebrate Jayden's 18 month Birthday today. At 18 months, Jayden is really a lot of fun. He has a very strong personality that can easily take over in every regard; if he's in a silly mood he can make us laugh until tears are streaming down our faces, his happy mood is easily contagious, when he's sociable nobody can escape without a least a "Hey!" and usually a poke of his finger (he probably learned that from Uncle Scott), when he's feeling shy you won't get a peep out of him, and his bad mood is a force to be reckoned with.

His vocabulary has really expanded these last few months, he can repeat almost anything he hears, even though mommy and sometimes daddy are the only ones who might understand him. His current favorite words to say are: Door, because a door means he gets to go somewhere else; "Clock," I think because everyone giggles because he can't pronounce the L part; "Car," for the same reason as door; "Uh oh," no matter where you are, if you drop something within 50 feet of Jayden you'll hear a nice loud "uh oh!" from his direction; "Thereyaare," for anytime he finds something that we've been looking for. The people he can name are Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, Scott (calls him Cott), Ethan (comes out E), we've gotten a few tries at Taylor, and Mo (our cat Gizmo).

His really big thing is sound effects. If anything makes a sound, he tries to copy it. Whether it be power tools or just the sound of his milk pouring, he tries to do the noise. It's very cute, and we've come to understand some as his sound effects as a way of communication. For example, whenever he goes "Vrooooom, vrooooooom!" we know there's a vacuum in site, or he wants the vacuum out.

Some of Jayden's favorite things to do include tickle time, anything loud, going anywhere, pretend play with his tools or kitchen foods, chasing after Gizmo, playing in the bathtub, and helping to work on the house. Really, basically anything that can bring him into the middle of everything.

He is an absolute joy to be around (unless he's in that bad mood, then we gotta watch out). I'd like to say at 18 months, we've kind of got this parenting thing figured out...but Jayden hasn't let us. He throws us a curve ball every other day, keeping us on our toes. He has made parenting fun and interesting, and we cant imagine our lives without him. Happy 18 month buddy boy!

3 Response to "Happy 18 month!"

  1. LoveMyStarr Says:

    Beautiful boy! My daughter is almost the same age.

  2. mandy Says:

    too cute :)

  3. Aunt Jenny Says:

    What a character! You're too cute, buddy boy!