Kitchen Cabinet Update

We got a very good start on the kitchen cabinets tonight, thanks to so much help from so many people. I have no idea how we would survive without family! So far, there are a few problems: the drawers are wrong, they're flat fronts and they're supposed to be framed like the cabinets, and one of the doors is warped. So far, that's it. Otherwise, everything is starting to look really nice, our kitchen already looks smaller!

And here is Scott, my brother in law, hard at work doing his Madonna impersonation.
Sorry ladies, he's taken.

2 Response to "Kitchen Cabinet Update"

  1. mandy Says:

    i just LOVE the cabinets...sorry that the fronts were wrong and that door was warped :(

    it could be could have been totally the opposite of what you ordered :)

    glad i got to see it and i just love the kitchen without a guys and everyone do great work and its just amazing to see how far you have come since first renovation!!

  2. Carol Says:

    Amazing progress! What brand/style did you buy? It looks wonderful.