After sitting around the house for months and months, the double ovens are finally in place!
They still need to be wired into the fuse box, but hey, we're pretty close.

Tomorrow the cabinet guy is coming to measure for counter tops, and to hopefully deliver some of the stuff we had to reorder. We still need to finish up the plumbing and run the gas lines to the stove top, and then we'll be fully up and running. We're hoping to have everything going by Easter, so we can have our first holiday meal here. :)

2 Response to "Yay!"

  1. mandy Says:

    oh my gosh...you have more than one appliance in!! yay :)

    oh my gosh, that looks so awesome...i LOVE it!!! very very very nice...good luck with the cabinet guy tomorrow...hope he's in a better mood

    can't wait to see it!!!

  2. Stone Says:

    Fuse box? I thought you would of upgraded from the fuse box to a circuit breaker. Hmmm....

    Looks good.