Kitchen floor is DONE!

It was a long weekend, but we finally managed to complete our kitchen floors. Up until Friday we spent our time sweeping, scrubbing, sanding and vacuuming to get the floors ready to be painted.
On Friday, my mom and I had about half of the floor painted.

On Saturday we cleared out the rest of the kitchen, and I worked on scrubbing all of the plaster off of the floors and sanding down some of the knots I'd filled with wood filler. By the evening the entire floor had two coats of paint.

This morning my mom came over and we started tracing out the squares. We made perfect squares, and then connected the corners diagonally to get diamonds.

From there, I started taping each by one...

Until, hours later, the entire room was done.

Then Josh and I both started painting in the diamonds...

and Ta Da!

We're very happy with the results. Of course, I can hardly stand upright after spending so much time on the floor, but it was worth it. It's nice and bold and the room is completely full of color, which I love! Later this week we will FINALLY have kitchen cabinets delivered. Hallelujah!

7 Response to "Kitchen floor is DONE!"

  1. Stone Says:

    The floor looks great, considering they are squares ;) Can't wait to see the house, especially the kitchen next time I'm back.

  2. Teena Says:

    Wow! It looks awesome!

  3. pedalpower Says:

    Wow, that looks fabulous!

  4. mandy Says:

    oh my gosh...i just LOVE the kitchen...the floor is amazing...the walls are so pretty as is the ceiling...

    thats so exciting your getting cabinets soon...IT WILL BE A WORKING KITCHEN SOONER THAN YOU THINK!!!! :)

  5. Bill Says:


    Looks great!

  6. The Arnold Family Says:

    I LOVE the kitchen floor!! You guys are doing such an awesome job, and its so fun to watch! But let me say again...I LOVE the kitchen floor!!!

  7. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Wow! It looks awesome! Can't wait to see it "live"!