Unwanted Houseguests

Well, I think Kimmie's bats might have moved into our house, since they've been kicked out of hers. We've had two in the house so far this week. The first was in our bathroom, which I didn't even notice until I was almost done with my bath. The second was yesterday in our kitchen, which I didn't notice until Perry and I were holding up a large cabinet for Josh to screw into the wall. Basically, we were all stuck, staring at this bat until the cabinet was secure. Ew.

In other news, we've gotten a little bit further on the kitchen. Our refrigerator is finally out of our dining room and in it's permanent place, the dish washer is in place (but not hooked up), and Josh and Perry made some great strides at getting the double ovens hooked up. Perry is taking some Cherry wood home tonight to cut, because our ovens are too narrow for the opening, he's also going to stain it for us. Thanks Perry!

Heather and Scott brought up my old twin bed today, so Jayden officially has his big boy bed in his room now! He's been keeping us up at night by rocking, it moves the whole bed and makes a horrible racket. We're hoping that if we start transitioning him to the bigger bed, he might sleep a little bit better. Jayden loves it so far, and was SO excited when he saw it in his room for the first time.

And, because kids are cute, here are some cute pictures!

Jayden and Taylor getting a ride from Kimmie in her laundry basket. One of their favorite things to do!

Jayden playing with the rocks at Nana's house, right before he got his new shoes caked in mud.

Taylor showing off her cowgirl hat on Kimmie's new big girl bed!

Ethan, Jayden, and Taylor enthralled by something outside the window (I think it was a garbage truck).

1 Response to "Unwanted Houseguests"

  1. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Oye vey, Chelsea! Just the thought of the bats sends shivers down my spine. God forbid you would have to go through what Kimmie's been fighting for so long. The kitchen is looking awesome - I hate that you can't have the stove hooked up. I know you want to get that kitchen running so badly.

    The pics of the kids are adorable - they're getting so big!