Murphey's Law

Well, it doesn't look like we'll have a done kitchen by the end of the weekend. Due to human error, and too much time spent in the warehouse, we've got a few problems to deal with. Such as the aforementioned problem with the butt ugly drawers that look like cheap filing cabinets (sorry to anyone that might have these types of drawers, they just aren't our style) and the warped drawer. We're also missing our posts for the island, and a small filler piece. The person that we ordered our cabinets through is no longer there, so apparently we weren't the only people that have had some problems. The cabinet people were very nice, and are coming on Monday to take care of all of the problems.
It's frustrating, but I have to say that I was definitely expecting something to go wrong. Something always goes wrong. I'm just glad that a) it wasn't my fault because it usually is and b) it isn't going to cost us any money.

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