Kitchen update, LOTS of pictures!

Finally, an update! Sorry for lagging a bit on updating the blog, but life has been keeping us pretty busy. We've been hard at work in the kitchen, it's actually starting to resemble more of a room now. Josh and I had spent the previous week trying to clear out the kitchen, and find permanent homes for a lot of our construction related objects. My Uncle Perry was hard at work (as usual) getting a lot of our electrical wired in. This past weekend my mom, Uncle, Josh, Jayden and I all worked on getting up as much of the drywall as we could. We got a lot farther than I thought we would! We still need to do the ceiling, which is going to be a lot of work. Josh and I are both against drywalling it ourselves, because that is just the worst job imaginable in our minds. So, we're either going to do a plank ceiling or we're going to hire the guys that did the rest of our ceilings to come in and do this room too.
I realize that I haven't given much a "flashback" post on the kitchen progress. So I thought I'd show a few pictures of our progress, from start to now to get you all a little bit more up to speed. I'm trying to post pictures that are all taken from two different viewpoints, so it doesn't get too confusing. The kitchen has been by far the biggest project in the house. We (meaning mostly my Uncle Perry) replaced the floor, the ceiling including beams, and the entire East wall.

This is what it looked like looking Northeast in the Kitchen when we first bought it. Our current kitchen space was originally a kitchen, a weird room (the room this pic was taken in) and a full bath.
This is in the original kitchen area, looking Southeast.

This is after we began demo (duh!) looking Northeast, and the bathroom wall, and the wall separating the kitchen from the weird room was starting to come down.
Looking Northeast all of the walls are down, and we're completely gutted.

Looking Northeast again, the new two by fours here are a brace that my Uncle Perry built to hold up the house so we could tear off the back wall without the rest of the house caving in.

Looking Southeast after the wall was down (duh again, sorry, I explain in detail because I get confused easily myself).

Looking Northeast after we started fixing the floor. We tore up one side, and Perry replaced the floor joists because they were in horrible shape after rotting, and being cut through for various pipes and wires so much. After he fixed that side, we tore up the rest of the room and put down 8" wide pine floorboards.

Looking Northeast after the floors had been replaced, and we started building the wall for the half bath.

And FINALLY we get to this past weekend. You thought I was kidding when I said Jayden helped out, didn't you? He made sure everything was good and level.

Here we are, looking Northeast. Isn't the drywall pretty? It's practically ready for the cabinets!

And, once again, because kids are cute and I think it's the best way to end a post, here is a picture of Jayden and my nephew Ethan. They are becoming the best of pals!

That is all for today, and if you are still actually reading what I've written rather than just looking at pictures...thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment so I know who's lurking out there!

4 Response to "Kitchen update, LOTS of pictures!"

  1. Greg Says:

    I'll leave a comment... Wow! That's a heck of a lot of work. Good job.

  2. Chris Says:

    That's looking great. Sounds like you'll have a much bigger kitchen after all that work.

    Is that aqua-something green colour above the original cabinetry paint? Someone chose that colour?

  3. Poppy Says:


    Looking good...

    *back to lurking*


  4. mandy Says:

    i knew jayden helped out, but that is too cute...

    the kitchen looks awesome....its really coming along great and it'll be done before you know it...