Back to the kitchen

Now that the bathroom is up and running, we finally get to shift our concentration over to the kitchen. First on our agenda in the kitchen: clear it out so we can have some space to work in. Currently we've got all of our tools, appliances, boards, drywall, paint, and anything else we don't want in the main area of the house, thrown into this room. So, the only real thing we're going to work on this weekend is finding new places for all of this stuff.

Meanwhile, we decided to get a little fancy for lunch and break out the George. I had to borrow Jayden's play spatula though, because the plastic stuff we use daily would have become part of the sandwich.

Some day, we'll look back at this picture and be thankful for our counter tops, real plates, kitchen utensils that won't melt, and a stove top.

1 Response to "Back to the kitchen"

  1. mandy Says:

    well, its about time you get to start on the kitchen...hehe...

    thats awesome...cant wait to see more of it once its more cleaned out...

    thanx for comin to my party too by the way :)