Half bath updates

Pictures! I thought I'd update you all on a few rooms that are coming along from the start up until today. The first being the half bath. It still has a lot of work to be done, but it has come a long way! It's the only room in the house with running water (besides the washer in the basement), and its only cold water right now.

This is looking North, back when the half bath was a full bath. In case you didn't know, the house was converted to a duplex in the 1950's, so we had a full bath and a kitchen on both floors.

Looking South, before construction.

One of the first parts of the house to face demolition.

The entire back wall of the house was so rotten, that we had to completely tear it off and replace it. This is after all of the bathroom walls came down, and the new size window was installed.

These are the walls being built after the back wall was completed, and the new pine floor was put down.

This is a shot of the bathroom today. With the working sink and toilette. We still have a lot of painting to do, but its coming along nicely.

Our sink. One of our "Lowes Specials"
I'll do a seperate post on all of that stuff someday :)

Our ceiling...or lack of ceiling. No lights yet either.

Thats our half bath up to today! I'd like to think that it will be done soon, but since its actually somewhat functional, I think other rooms will take a higher priority over this room for now (our full bath and kitchen, for instance).

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  1. mandy Says:

    wow, i havent even seen the half bath yet...huh...it looks really nice!!!