Kid's bath update

More pictures! Woohoo! Here is what we call the "Kid's Bath"...even though we only have one kid, who isn't even potty trained, and probably won't be having a "Grown up Bath" for another year or two. I have no pictures of the upstairs before we started all of the construction. So, you'll have to deal with pictures of stuff that's actually been modified by us a bit.

This is the original sink on the East wall. The house was built by a prominent plumber, so it is original to the house. We did take it down though, partially because its a kids bathroom and there is no way that sink would survive that, and it's just not our taste. We still have the sink, and are planning on selling it, we just haven't gotten that far yet.

This was the antique hot water heater on the East wall, we kept it too out of of hopes of us finding something really cool to do with it. So far, no luck. We were originally going to keep it up for decoration, but we had tear out the chimney that it sets next to because the chimney was causing structural damage.

This is the tub on the North wall. It had a wall thing built all around it, you can see it in the right portion of the picture. Notice the shag carpeting in the bathroom? Nice.

This is after the chimney was taken down. Sadly, the toilette didn't survive.

As with many rooms, we had to pretty much gut this one completely. This is facing the East wall, where the sink, water heater, and chimney used to set. We also tore up the floor and replaced it with a newer pine flooring.

This is the bathroom today, facing the East wall. We moved the sink over to the South wall because it gave the bathroom a better flow. We weren't able to save the original wainscoting because it had been built around the chimney, and it was going to be more trouble than it was worth. So, we put up some new bead board instead. Nothing in this bathroom is hooked up yet.

Here is the tub, on the North wall still. We just flipped it around so we could have the option of installing a shower easier.

These are the colors I'm looking at for the bathroom. Since its a Kids Bathroom, I wanted something a little more colorful.

Our almost done ceiling! Josh, my mom, and my Uncle Perry put this up. My mom has been patching it, and we'll just have to sand it when we sand the walls. You all should know how much we love sanding by now!
That's all for this bathroom. Hopefully we'll have many more updates to display soon. Like a working tub. I can't stop thinking about a working tub...

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  1. mandy Says:

    i know how you feel with not being able to have a tub...hello, school dorms..hehe...

    how come you didnt keep the shag carpet? :)