Saturday Progress

We're making pretty good leeway on our list of things to accomplish with the house this weekend. The sanding in each bathroom is almost complete, and the hallway is pretty much ready to be painted. We got a lot of the woodwork primered, and an actual coat of paint! It's going to take at least one more coat though, because the ugly brown paint doesn't want to go away. I apoligize for the pictures...its really hard to take a decent shot in such small rooms. This is a picture of the little sitting room/hallway/nook. Not really sure what it is. Notice the lovely dark brown paint. This paint was all through the upstairs, on the wainscoting in the bathroom, and accented by lovely brown shag carpet in the bathroom also.

Here is is after a little paint. It really brightened it up! The door knob is temporary, I had to take all of the hardware off, so I stuck in the ugly painted knob so we could open up the attic door still.

Here is a shot of our window, minus the woodwork and window sill.

Here is the window with new woodwork. Not all of the woodwork was salvagable because it was in such bad shape, so we had to put up a few new pieces. Sorry for the washout look.

As always, Jayden was eager to keeping us on our toes. Anything he sees us doing, he's gotta do.

And because giggles are a great way to end the's Jayden giggling at his mama acting stupid.

3 Response to "Saturday Progress"

  1. mandy Says:

    he is always such a big help im sure :)

    and what a cutie pie he is in that video

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Jayden, you are the funniest little man I know!! I bet mommy and daddy appreciate all your help! kissies and kissies,
    your aunt becky

  3. nannyteach Says:

    Hey little man! Lots of kisses and hugs to you! You be a good boy for mommy and daddy!

    Love, Aunt Jenny