A little bit closer to a bath...

It's been a very long day, but we're finally getting somewhere with the bathroom upstairs. I was primarily working on laundry, about ten loads of it, while everyone else worked on various jobs. Josh put some lights up in our closet (yay!) and started getting Jayden's closet light up. My mom came over today and did some more plastering, sanded, helped with the electrical, set our toilette AND painted on the bead board a bit. She's currently at home working on our house....the lady doesn't stop. My uncle came up and drilled the holes for all of the pipes and helped us figure out some of the electrical. He's also drawing up some plans and an estimate for the built in book shelves in the family room. We're hoping to have enough splurge money from our tax return to go ahead and have those put in. Jayden helped us with everything.
Now that the holes are drilled, my brother is working with Josh on getting all of the pipes ran up and through the holes. I think he's planning on finishing it up tonight, so we'll be able to hook up all of the stuff in the bathroom tomorrow! That means a toilet UPSTAIRS, a sink that's actually big enough to wash stuff in (I still love you pretty little corner sink), and yes, a bathtub! Our very own bathtub. *sigh*

In other news, Jayden isn't getting one tooth like I originally thought...he's getting 3 or 4. So that explains all of his sleepless nights. He's also been a huge help around the house. Always jumping in while we're working on something with his hammer or drill to give us a hand. It's a great "help." :)

1 Response to "A little bit closer to a bath..."

  1. mandy Says:

    what a stud for trying to help you guys work!! :)

    cant wait to see the running water first handed