We are working....really, we are...

...we just aren't blogging much.
Actually, we've gotten a lot accomplished since I last wrote! The half bath downstairs is almost done, the upstairs bathrooms is also almost done, Josh cleaned up the basement, and I repainted Jayden's floor. All in all, a very good weekend here. Tiresome, but good.
I'll post pictures and a few more details tomorrow. I just wanted to give you all something to look at so you don't quit stopping by.
Blogging just doesn't feel the same when there aren't pictures to look at.
Plus, I've got some majorly cute pictures of Jayden. Surprise surprise.

The Open House is in less than two weeks.
Wish us luck.

2 Response to "We are working....really, we are..."

  1. Stone Says:

    Last I knew Monday is considered tomorrow when you post on Sunday.

    Is it tomorrow yet? ;P

  2. Cathy Says:

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