A few notes....

We've made TONS of leeway on the downstairs bathroom. We went a little bit bold with the colors, but the effect is pretty cool. All we have left to do is to paint and put up trim boards. I'll post a picture when I can get a decent one. I'd kind of like to wait until the project is complete until I share a picture.
We're also hoping to get a lot of progress done on our bedroom this weekend. It's basically a lot of woodwork, and a second coat of paint on the walls. And then I can hang stuff up on the walls, and sort of decorate. Yay!
A store in Fort Madison, Sweet Magnolias, is in the process of a going out of business sale. They have a lot of stuff that I'd love to have, but even at sale prices are a little steep for me. We did find one thing though, it isn't perfect, but it is the perfect size for the space that will one day hold our built in book shelves. I know we won't be able to afford the perfect built in bookshelves for years, but I really wanted something to put in the space that would hold our board games and whatnot. This is what I found:
It was only $80, and it was the perfect size. I thought we could reface the drawers, add some cool knobs, and paint it. We'll wait awhile before we start anything on it, mostly because we aren't sure exactly what we want to do with it. But for now, I'm just glad to have the nice deep drawers for extra storage.

Our open house is scheduled for the fourth weekend of June. So, if you're from this area and read this blog, and I know you, leave me a comment and let me know if you want an invite. Chances are you're probably already getting one. It's nothing to spectacular, just basically a way to let everyone see how far we've come. Plus booze and snacks.

I'm working on another blog. Since I'm becoming a realtor soon, hopefully (come on fingerprints!), I thought I'd start one up about the Burlington Iowa area. It'll basically consist of the fun activities going on in the area, because there really IS something to do all of the time, you just have to find them. Since I'm an old house lover, I'll probably post information regarding older houses that could use some help as they enter the market. There will also be links to other local sites and blogs that pertain to the area. We'll see. I hope to get more of a start on in the next couple of weeks. The link will be www.burlingtoniowa.blogspot.com.

In Jayden related news, he's still a bit of trouble. Not bad trouble, just getting-into-a-lot-of-stuff-because-he's-so-curious trouble. After the lipstick incident, I warned Josh, "Do not let him out of your site, not for a minute!" And I went off to work. I came home to Josh with a scowl on his face and a broom in his hands. He was cleaning up the hot cocoa powder that covered the kitchen floor, trailed through the family, and coated our couch in the living room. Can't say I didn't warn him. Our house smelled delicious.

2 Response to "A few notes...."

  1. Carter-Ann Says:

    what's the fingerprints reference?

  2. Chelsea Says:

    In order to become a Realtor now, you have to have a background check. So I had to go get my fingerprints tested and sent into the FBI. Apparently it's taking 8-10 weeks to get the results. :(