Photo Hunt 56: Childhood

This is from this past Sunday when we spent part of the afternoon at the zoo. Jayden's interest was held by the train the entire time, and any time we were near the train tracks he had to go and try to find the train. I think Taylor went along to make sure Jayden didn't cause any trouble.

On this past Tuesday we went down to Montrose to go to the butcher shop. There was a great playground situated right between the railroad tracks, and the Mississippi River. The boys thought it was great because you could walk right out to the water, and they were able to watch the trains within feet from a safe spot.

And, to keep in theme with everyone else, here's a childhood photo of me. :)

5 Response to "Photo Hunt 56: Childhood"

  1. bbsgirl Says:

    lovely photos....I'm up too.

  2. Linda Says:

    The kids look like they were having fun and you look adorable!

  3. PowersTwinB Says:

    Trains and boys! It never ends! lol...Great photo of you and your childhood! Thanks for visiting my photo hunt photos of my twin and myself!

  4. jennyr Says:

    such great photos! really kids are adorable and you looks sooo cute too!

  5. srp Says:

    All these pictures are great. The boys look a lot like you did, but I bet a lot of people tell you this.