Bankers, Gardening, and a new camera

Our bank appraiser and our loan officer came to the house on Tuesday to appraise the house again. The house turned out much different (in a good way) than we had planned on when they did the initial appraisal, so they wanted to redo it so our loan would look better. I think it went well, they both left smiling, so that's a good thing, right?

Well, we did really good with our to do list last weekend. We were able to accomplish everything, except getting anything started in the downstairs bathroom. Hopefully we'll be able to get to that sometime this weekend. And I really really want to get our bedroom finished. So hopefully we'll be able to get those two rooms under control in the next couple of weeks.

I'd really like to get some more yard work done also. Yesterday I decided to clean up the back corner, it was completely grown over when we bought the place, and it's getting more and more under control. I decided to uncover some of the concrete, there used to be a building in the corner, and the foundation is still there. What I thought was just a couple of cement slabs turned out to be the entire foundation. It's very uneven, and it was under 3-4 inches of dirt. I'm not sure what we'll do with it, but for now, Jayden is having a good time driving his trucks on it.

Also, in case you didn't know, we lost my camera in the move. We assumed Jayden put it in a box (because he really does try to help), but we haven't found it, so we think it may have gotten thrown away (another thing Jayden likes to help with). We finally gave in and ordered a new camera, since I'm (almost) a Realtor now, I can use it as a tax right off! I haven't had the chance to play with it too much, but I did take a couple of pictures and videos last night just for fun, and basically just to see if it could take a picture of Jayden that didn't turn out as a complete blur.
Jayden getting ready to settle in for the night with his new best pal, Grover.

1 Response to "Bankers, Gardening, and a new camera"

  1. mandy Says:

    its still too bad about your camera :(

    cute pic of the lil guy of coruse....

    i miss that was the coolest...hehe