Today (or yesterday...I'm not really sure cause there wasn't a February 29th), is my Sixth Month Birthday, that's half a year!!!

Here is a little bit about me so far.
I weigh 23 pounds...over the 100th percentile mark.
I'm 29 inches long (give or take, mommy measured)...over the 100th percentile also.
My favorite past times are taking baths, and jumping in my Jumparoo.
My favorite toys are my Pooh Bear, my big froggie, my little froggie that I chew on, my singing caterpiller, and my Gizmo (my kitty).
I'm a pro at rolling to my tummy, and I'm getting pretty good at sitting up...I still have to be surrounded by pillows. I'm also starting to scooch a bit on the bed while I'm on my belly, I can't wait until I can crawl like my cousin Taylor!!
I have NO TEETH. But I still get to eat a lot of good food. Lately, there hasn't been much I haven't liked!

These are a few pictures my mommy and daddy took today:

Gizmo always catches my attention, there is no way I'm smiling at that camera if she's nearby!

This is my serious side.

I tried to stay up as late as I could, but I just couldn't do it.

1 Response to "6 MONTHS OLD!"

  1. mandy Says:

    happy 6 month buddy boy!!!

    those are definitely adorable pictures....too bad you couldnt stay up, but that happens...hehe...you'll be able to stay up much later once you get older...

    <3 you so much


    i hope you and your mommy get better soon...

    aunt mandy :)