Alright, I don't have a picture yet...but yesterday I took my first steps!!! Daddy was walking with me to Mommy, then he let go and I just kept on walking!
Mommy and Daddy thought it was just a fluke, but today I did it again! I'm really good at standing by myself now too!
I wonder what kind of havoc I'll be able to create now....

1 Response to "Walking!"

  1. mandy Says:

    man...im really slacking with these comments, i havent been able to check his site as much as i used to with my own computer...i havent had much time lately anyways either...im not on the computer much anymore...but i cant believe hes starting to walk all by himself...that means hes REALLY growing up...

    oh well...he'll be able to walk around with taylor now and they'll be able to play tag and chase after each other....it'll be so much fun :)