House, what house?

Another catch up post, to let you all know that we're still here. We're just really busy! I've been pretty busy with work, I've actually started showing houses! It's a ton of fun, but a little stressful when you've been used to dealing with a toddler and are suddenly dealing with adults.
As most of you know, we have a new nephew! Colin Michael was born at 7:40 am on August 10th. He is absolutely adorable! I've got a video of a lot of little videos I took during our visit to the hospital. I've also been trying to update ALL of our YouTube videos, so be sure to check them out!

We had our first ultrasound last week to determine our exact due date. It will be February 18th! I've been asking Jayden if he wants a little brother or sister, like Taylor...his response is always a big "No way!"
We went to my dad and Debbie's house in July, and were able to take advantage of the great beach nearby. It was SO much better than Geode! It wasn't icky green! Jayden had a great time, and you can catch a video of him experiencing his first waves on YouTube.
Here he is getting buried by Daddy:

The sand was too hot for him to walk on!
We also made it to the Des Moines County Fair, here are him and Taylor getting a first hand experience with some of the livestock.
Last weekend weekend we went to the Sweet Corn Festival, Jayden LOVES corn on the cob! He also loved the slide, the bumper cars, and the jump house (another YouTube video). I got a lot of great pictures, I just had to have a cut off point for this post.Last years Sweet Corn Festival:
Lastly, we've been growing tomatoes this year. It may not sound exciting to everyone, but we've had a lot of fun watching them grow. Jayden has been a big help!

That's all for now. No, no updates on the house. We're just enjoying ourselves. Plus, we've got a new baby, and a new job to think we're taking advantage of free time.

We'll be going to Saint Louis this weekend, hopefully I'll get some pictures up within the next month!

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  1. mandy Says:

    i love the video chels....very good, i'll have to take a look at the other ones as well :)