Meet Jasper!

Our newest family member!
We really didn't mean to get a puppy today, but we just couldn't pass up this cute little puppy. Jayden and I talked Josh into stopping at the puppy sale today at the Horse and Hound store. There were hundreds of the cutest little puppies, and out of all of them, Jasper caught our eye. Josh and I have always talked about getting a Puggle, Josh loves Beagles, and I wanted something a little cuddlier, so a Puggle (half Beagle half Pug) seemed like a good compromise. So far, he is a very passive, cuddly puppy. He's laid back enough to not add too much more chaos to the house, but playful enough to wear Jayden down. Gavin loves him too, he giggles when Jasper tickles his face with his sniffing. We're very excited to have him and looking forward to the fun times we're sure to share with him!

5 Response to "Meet Jasper!"

  1. Shelene Says:

    What a cute puppy! Congrats on the new addition - he looks like the perfect little guy for your family. :)

  2. Becky Says:

    He is too cute! Welcome to the family Jasper! Taylor just said, "oh, he's cute".

  3. aunt mandy Says:

    i loved playing with jasper and what a surprise it was!!! he is too cute, considering i love beagles and pugs are my fav, he is just perfect :)

  4. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Jasper, you're adorable! I can't wait to meet you!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    He is a cute puppy even if I am anti-dog! I hope he works well in the family. Give my kiddies kisses. Love, G-Ma xo xo