Gavin's First Birthday Party

We had Gavin's Birthday party on Sunday, February 22nd. I've discovered that it's much more difficult to plan a Birthday party in the winter, so we decided to keep it simple and intimate since our family is starting to get spread out a bit.
Our first order of business was assembling the slide that the Wilkins family got him. It will great for him to have his own appropriate sized slide when we get to play outside this summer!
From there, we had cake. I worked very hard on his cake, mostly because we kept his party so low key, I still wanted him to have pictures to look back on and know that we did something special. This was my first fondant cake....and last I'm sure...unless enough time goes by that I forget how much work this type of cake is.
The cupcake on top was meant for Gavin, but he didn't want a thing to do with it!
Rather than just having cake and ice cream, I thought we'd do an ice cream sundae buffet.

After not even touching his cupcake, we thought we'd give him a slice of cake. As you can see, he didn't want anything to do with this either. The weird part is, this kid has a HUGE sweet tooth. He'll scream and cry if he sees a cookie, piece of candy, or anything yummy looking. His brother did the same thing with his first Birthday cake.
He did, however, like the ice cream toppings.
From there, we opened presents. At this point it was past his naptime, so we had to be quick! Jayden was kind enough to help. He got lots of fun toys and great clothes!
Here he is modeling a new outfit from Nana:
During Gavin's nap, the older boys went outside to play. They had a BLAST playing in the snow.
Overall, we had a wonderful time. Thank you everyone for sharing this very special day with him!

4 Response to "Gavin's First Birthday Party"

  1. Cernin4 Says:

    I wish we could have been there to celebrate! And the Cake looked AWESOME!! I've told you that before, but I'm very impressed!! Great job!! I'm glad it was a great party! See yas soon!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I for one think the cake was awesome!! You did a great job. We had lots of fun at the party and enjoyed the teeth sooooooooo much that your mom brought. Colin looks adorable in the outfit too. Love and kisses, G-Ma XO XO

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Senior MOMENT, I meant Gavin looks adorable not Colin. Guess you knew that, Huh? Love me

  4. The Arnold Family Says:

    What a fun looking party. That cake and all it's toppings makes my mouth water. I. Need. Some.