What's missing from this picture?

The crib! Yes, we have officially moved on to the "big boy bed."

After having both beds in the rooms since we moved into the house, we're loving the extra floor space!

Some of you may be thinking "Hey Chelsea, what about the babies room, you ARE halfway through your pregnancy now, right?" Well, here it is, isn't it cute?
All that's left is the floor, walls, ceiling, woodwork, closet, plate covers, and light fixture. Plus decorating.
We did move out the bathtub. So technically, there has been progress to some degree.

6 Response to "What's missing from this picture?"

  1. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Jayden, your room looks so great! I hope I have time to play in it with you when I come home.
    And Chelsea, I love what you've done with the baby's room! The polka dots on the one wall and ceiling are a very creative touch. :)

  2. kimkimeri~ Says:

    Great set up for a boys room. Good job mom!

  3. Steve Says:

    The babies room looks about the same as it did how many months ago when I helped put those holes into the walls? :P

  4. aunt mandy Says:

    i agree with jenny...the polka dots give it a sense of a girls room...hehe...

    jayden is growing up so fast, i cant believe it...th room looks so cute and grown up...i love it

  5. Anonymous Says:

    cant wait to see you all next week!!


  6. EngelHart Says:

    What a beautiful room for a beautiful boy. Enjoy!