Happy Mother's Day

Since I've been so horrible about keeping updates, I thought I'd go ahead and give you all a general family update. You know, everything you wanted to know about us, and more!

I'll start with little Gavin. He is now a whole 11 weeks old, can you believe it?? He's a pretty happy little guy. He smiles all of the time, and is content as long as he has something to look at. He "talks" quite a bit now, and although he is happy mostly, he definitely isn't afraid to complain when he gets too bored or tired. Up until recently, he loved laying on the floor watching his toys, but now he prefers to be sat up so he can watch everything else that's going on. He loves to practice rolling over, and gets the biggest grin whenever I pull him to his side by his hand. He is also starting to giggle, and is apparently going to be very ticklish. Currently, he wakes up about one time a night, and is still sleeping in our bedroom, but not with us. I just seem to have separation anxiety about leaving him all alone in his big lonely bedroom. We're going to get him in his own room this week. As much as I love the new baby stage, I'm getting very exciting about the new stage he's entering. The three month mark seems to be when the personality really starts to develop, and he'll start getting a bit more mobile. I have a feeling Jayden is going to love it when Gavin gets more interactive, and is able to roll around on the floor.

Jayden is the epitome of a two year old. Although we don't get full fledged tantrums (yet!), he definitely has developed an attitude. Half of the time I already feel like I'm dealing with a teenager, he rolls his eyes, talks back, and Josh and I both feel as if we're being talked down to. But, we're working on things. He knows to apologize, and he knows that he won't get what he wants when he isn't being nice or respectful. I just keep telling myself that they are called the Terrible Twos with reason. I'm really not complaining though, this is more of a journal entry so I can be sure to remember everything about my boys, flattering or not. The twos also have a very wonderful side. Jayden is very sweet, he tells me he loves me at all times of the day, gives wonderful bear hugs, and gives his little brother kisses all throughout the day. He also talks. A lot. Like, nonstop. If a thought enters his head, it immediately leaves hi mouth. My basic day revolves around answering every question about everything that could possibly be asked. "Who you talking to?" "What are you talking about?" "What's that called?" "What's that smell" "Do you hear that?"...the list goes on. It really is wonderful, just a little bit migraine inducing on some days. We can now have complete conversations. I don't think a day goes by that Josh and I don't sit and laugh at the things that come out of Jayden's mouth nowadays. He has also been doing a lot with imaginative play, which I totally love. Currently, his favorite thing to play is Landfill. This consists of him filling up a dump truck with laundry and driving it across the house to dump it. Sure, it makes folding laundry a bit more difficult, but it's a lot of fun to watch him play. His favorite shows are Tom and Jerry, Spongebob, and Caillou, I think Caillou is the current top show because it's the only one he'll really sit and watch every time it is on. Jayden is a wonderful big brother to Gavin, when he thinks he's alone and I'm peaking around the door I can hear him tell Gavin he loves him and he makes silly faces to get a smile. During a thunderstorm Gavin was crying, and Jayden came up and gave him a hug and told him "It's okay Gavin, it's just a thunderstorm." It was very cute. We do have our moments, but they aren't enough for me to think that Jayden is a perfect big brother. But, Gavin is also a pretty perfect little brother, so he isn't hard to love.

Josh and I are both doing well. Josh is doing awesome at work, and isn't far from possibly winning a trip to Mexico in a sales contest. So, if you've got a business in need of rugs, uniforms, etc., give him a call! As for me, I'm starting to get busier as a Realtor. It's very difficult to get started because you have to build a clientèle from scratch, but things are starting to pick up. I really believe it's the perfect job for me, and I'm anxious to see what my career brings with the years to come. The only hard part is that I pretty much work from home, and it can get difficult to get time for everything. Our family is amazing though, and they do all they can to help us out with the kids. Josh is pretty wonderful too, and never complains when I'm running out the door to show a house and leaving him with the kids. Josh is a wonderful father, his main goal is very evident that he wants his family to always be first, even if it means going into work at 4am so he can be home at a good time during the day. And even when he goes to work at 4am, he gets up at night with Gavin to give me a hand. Really, what more could a girl want?
Oh, and another small update, we had to break down and buy a car. I didn't like our previous one, but I was still hoping it would last at least another year. Well, it wouldn't. So my brother in law, Scott, got us an awesome deal on a 2002 Ford Explorer. We love it, and are so happy that we were able to get a perfect car at a very good price.
I could keep going, because it seems like our life is completely filled up with all sorts of things going on, but I think this is enough for one night.
I'll leave you with some random pictures. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Gavin in his Van Halen onesie.

When Taylor came home to visit, they had such a great time playing. They both thought they could drive the car at the same time...

Mommy's future real estate assistant.


I don't care if I might be biased, but I think he's pretty darn cute.

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  1. Meghan Says:

    Whew.... just reading about being a mommy exhausts me!! What a busy and rewarding life you have with those cute little boys!!

  2. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Thanks for the updates and pics, Chelsea! I love hearing how 'my' kiddos are doing. Hugs and kisses all around!

  3. mandy Says:

    the pictures are darling as ever, but of course you are bias, nothing wrong with that :)

  4. AlePancha Says:

    OMG!!! they r sooo cute!!!
    I love ur LOs smile!