A milestone! Woohoo!

Today, Gavin finally accomplished what he's been trying to do for weeks, he rolled over! Sadly, I didn't get a picture because like always, I couldn't find my camera. Plus, I didn't really want to ruin the moment by tearing my house upside down just to find the darn thing (which was simply on the kitchen counter). Anyway, I wanted to share, and get it down in print so I'll have it to reference to when I get around to scrap booking. As of now, I can't possibly imagine having time to scrapbook.

I'll try really hard to get some pictures on here, until then, you should totally check out what Remax is doing, we're the first office in the area to get Visual Tours up on Realtor.com! I'm really excited about it.

1 Response to "A milestone! Woohoo!"

  1. aunt mandy Says:

    that is so exciting about gavin!!!