Flood of 1993

I don't know about you guys, but all of this talk about the Flood of 1993 versus the Flood of 2008 had me as to how the two really compared. Josh and I couldn't find any pictures online, I'm assuming because there were no digital cameras, but luckily, my mom made a video back in '93! We were able to upload it to the computer, so we thought we'd share it with anyone else curious about the Flood of '93. We had to cut it down quite a bit (particularly the 2 minutes of the camera sitting on my mom's lap while she drove), but here is a look at the Great Flood of 1993 of the Mississippi river fronts in Burlington Iowa, Fort Madison Iowa, Keokuk Iowa and the Des Moines River between Iowa and Missouri.
You can really see the difference in preparations in the cities between now and then. For the flood of '08, there were huge walls of sandbags and levies everywhere, in '93 I can't really notice nearly as much...but maybe the sandbag walls were already submerged. Anyway, here is the video. It's not horribly exciting, but it does give a good view of the damage.

ps. If you want to see some pretty awesome pictures, go here:

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