Fort Madison Rodeo Parade

Over the weekend, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head down to the Fort Madison Rodeo Parade. It was a great parade! Tons of candy, tractors, horses, firetrucks, and anything else a little boy could love. Jayden had a great time scurrying around for candy, and Gavin squealed and talked in excitement the whole time.

Gavin and Josh enjoying the parade

Jayden with his candy

In our house, tractors are about as cool as it gets.

This picture is for Grandma and Papa.

And totally unrelated, this is just a cute picture. Gavin loves sitting outside, but as soon as you sit him down he grabs handfuls of grass and shoves it in his mouth. Typically, I rush and do everything I can to keep the grass out of his mouth, but this day, he was just too cute.

5 Response to "Fort Madison Rodeo Parade"

  1. Meghan Says:

    My favorite picture is the first one. Not because of the sweet father with his baby boy, but because of the man behind them with the girlish teddy bear in his lap.


  2. Cernin4 Says:

    Hey Jayden and Gavin, I'm so happy you had a great time at the parade! I bet it was lots of fun! Gavin, I just want to eat you up, along with the grass too! Love you boys!

  3. aunt mandy Says:

    it was funny, saturday night i headed down to justine's...well, i drove close to the "eagles nest" and i saw an explorer that looked like yours and the whole time i was down there i wondered if it was you guys...and needless to say it was because i talked to josh yesterday and he said it was...i thought about driving over there to see if it WAS you guys or not, but i decided against it

    pix are definitely cute!!! :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I'm glad you enjoyed the parade. Looks like it was really nice. I especially like the weiner-mobile!! Gavin in the grass is toooooooooo cute--love those blue eyes!! Kissies to both, love, G-Ma XO XO

  5. Aunt Jenny Says:

    The rodeo parade sure looked like a good time! And you just can't beat seeing a tractor :)