Happy Birthday Jayden!

Jayden turned three years old on the 29th! We've had a very busy weekend, so I thought I'd wait until it was over to do my write up. Friday was a pretty easy going day. Josh stopped by the house before he left Burlington so Jayden could open his Birthday presents. He was very excited, and couldn't wait to play with his new toys!

My mom and Jayden share a Birthday, so she picked him up after lunch to spend the afternoon with him. They went shopping for his Birthday present, picked up Ethan, and spent some time at Fun City. Afterwards, we all met at my mom's house for some supper and cake.
Gavin was in heaven with all of the watermelon he could get his hands on.
All day as my mom asked Jayden what he wanted for his Birthday, his response was "a Birthday cake!" By the time the Birthday cake came, he was ecstatic! He sqealed with laughter as we presented him and my mom the cake, it was really very cute.
Sunday was the big party day. Josh's family watched Jayden overnight on Saturday, and until the party on Sunday, so Jayden was able to show up at his party after it was all decorated.

It was a circus theme, so I attempted to decorate the house like a Big Top. Easier said than done, but I think the effect was carried out enough. The banner on the porch reads "Jayden's Big Top" and we had a sign out by the sidewalk pointing to the "Stevens' Fairgrounds."
I wanted some old fashioned Circus posters, so I decided to make my own.
Here is Gavin's:

We had a picture board, here is Jayden with his head in the lion's mouth!
And instead of gift bags for the guests, we had a duck pond where they won "prizes."
We had a few more games, horse shoes, ring toss, and a bean bag toss that my Uncle Perry made.

We also busted balloons that had candy inside.
And we had the slide out, this was a huge hit with the kids!

Gavin had a pretty good time too, even though he didn't get to go swimming.

Jayden was very excited to open his presents. He got lots of really great games, vehicles, clothes, books and some other really neat toys.

And finally, he got his cake! Originally, we were just going to have cupcakes, but after his excitement over the Birthday cake at my mom's house, we decided to throw together a smaller cake for him.
That was our weekend! Thank you everyone who came for making it such a fun party. Jayden is a very lucky boy!

5 Response to "Happy Birthday Jayden!"

  1. Becky Says:

    Hi Jayden! It looks like you had so much fun at your Big Top Party! I still wish we could have made it. I would have loved sliding into your pool! Ha! Chelsea, the decorations look great! What a great idea to do with the streamers (or was it crepe paper), and the picture signs! Wish we could have made it! Love you all and hope to see you soon!

  2. The Arnold Family Says:

    Happy birthday Jayden! I remember when you were in your Mommy's tummy about to pop out!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Jayden, We had a great time at your B-Day party and hope you had lots of fun. What a big boy you are!! Love you lots, G-Ma & Papa XO XO

  4. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Hi Jayden! I had such a great time playing with you and going to your party on your birthday weekend. I love you!

  5. Shelene Says:

    Happy birthday to the big boy! I can't believe he's 3 already - and Christopher will be soon... wow! You did such a great job with the party, Chelsea! So creative, and what a cute idea!!! :) He will have some great memories, for sure!