Oops! A forgotton post!

So, a few nights ago I spent all of this time uploading pictures to the blog, and then our internet went out and I was unable to post the blog! I forgot about it until just now, so now my blog is out of sequence...but oh well.
This weekend Becky and the kids came down to spend some time with family. On Sunday we all went to Fun Fest at Notre Dame. It was tons of fun, there was a jump house, games, food, and pumpkins. Jayden was a bit crabby, so we weren't able to play that many games, but we still had fun!
Here is Gavin picking out a duck in the duck pond game.

They had a very cute Slingo game shaped like a spider web.
We carved our pumpkins earlier this week, Jayden had a ball, and Gavin was just happy to be there. Here is Gavin posing with his pumpkin. Look how well he's standing now!
To keep Gavin preoccupied, we gave him a biter biscuit, as you can see, they're very very messy!
Jayden actually got right in and helped scoop out the pumpkin.
The finished product!
That's all. Sorry it's not a very exciting post, everything I had written earlier wasn't saved.

2 Response to "Oops! A forgotton post!"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The pumpkin carving went well it looks like. Glad we could make it to the Fun Fest, maybe next year too?? Love the pic in front of the fireplace with their pumpkins. Kisses and hugs, G-Ma

  2. aunt jenny Says:

    Jayden. I love the pumpkins. You did a great job. Gavin, I'm so proud of how well you're doing standing up. I can't believe it.