Trick or Treat in Burlington

Last night we headed to Kim and Nate's house for another round of Trick or Treating. Once again, the evening was perfect. It was warm enough to not even need jackets, and the sky was completely clear. Kim and Nate also have the perfect neighborhood, well lit with neighbors waiting expectantly on their front porches with bowls full of candy. Jayden knew exactly how things worked this time around...almost too well. If a person dare to give him only one piece of candy, he would stand and eyeball their bowl full of candy until they threw a couple of more pieces in his bag. It was horribly embarrassing, but funny at the same time. I'm sure I'll get him back when he becomes a teenager.
Once again, he donned his fireman costume. I was actually able to get a good shot of him in it!
I didn't have the same luck if there was more than one costumed kid in the picture, but that's alright. Good enough, right??

Gavin the dino and Peyton the dragon. We tried to sit them next to each other for a picture, but they just rolled around. We couldn't get a shot of either of their faces, but it's still cute!And we're off!

We dumped the candy on the floor when we got back, Gavin enjoyed himself by digging through the booty....

and attempting to eat his share too!

5 Response to "Trick or Treat in Burlington"

  1. Cernin4 Says:

    The kids look always! Looks like everyone had a great time! Don't eat the candy too fast!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    We had such fun! The kids were adorable as usual. Glad it was such good weather too!! Can't wait till next year! Love, G-Ma XO XO

  3. aunt mandy Says:

    i hope they had fun because i know i did...

    they looked cute as always :)

  4. Shelene Says:

    They are so cute! What a fun night :)

    And I hear ya on the embarrassing greediness of those little hands - Christopher did the same thing!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I loved all the pics from trick or treat night. I really hated missing it. It was so much fun last year and it looks like the boys had a great time going door to door. I saw Jayden and Gavin's pumpkins and they are great. I wish I could have come over to see them in person. Thanks for posting what pics you did. They are great. Love to all of you,
    Dad/Papa xo