Thanksgiving 2008

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we sure did! It was Gavin's very first Thanksgiving, and he got to celebrate it four times! How lucky are we? We had our first at Josh's parents house last Sunday.
Here is Peyton having his Thanksgiving dinner.

And here is Gavin starting his first meal, he gets pretty impatient waiting for his food, so he had a roll to tide him over while his meal was fixed.

After the meal, everyone went outside to take a ride on Papa's wagon.
Kimmie might hate me for this, but I think it's a pretty funny picture. Apparently she was pretty excited about the ride.

Jayden, Colin, and Taylor.

Nate playing football with Colin.

The big kids even went for a ride!
Jayden helped Papa drive. Gavin was inside napping during all of the tractor rides. On Thanksgiving Day our little family made a nice big brunch; eggs, bacon, french toast, homemade doughnuts (thats right Jenny!), and some fruit. Jayden ended up spending the day at Nana's house and we joined him that evening for a Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and siblings.
On Friday my sister and I took our boys down to Warsaw Illinois to have a leftovers lunch with our Grandpa. I snapped a few pictures with my Grandpa and the boys. Gavin was being very squirmy so I had to take what I could, not the best, but better than nothing!
Here is Grandpa with both of the boys, I honestly don't know if Gavin was laughing or crying.

And here he is with Gavin!On Saturday we went to the Quad Cities to have Thanksgiving at my cousin Hanna and her husband George's house. She did a great job! Everything was fantastic. She also thought it would be fun to go to the John Deere Pavillion, so we loaded up after lunch and headed that way. In case you didn't know, Jayden loves tractors, and at the Pavillion, you get to go on most of the tractors. He and Ethan had a blast! Plus, they had a gift store that had everything that John Deere made, TONS of toys and clothes at really good prices. Jayden got a hat and a backhoe with some Christmas money from Grandpa.
Here is Jayden and Ethan up on one of the tractors, Jayden is trying to buckle himself in.

In the huge scooop!

Sharing the riding lawn mower, Ethan was being a goof.
Another goofy smile!

After all of our Thanksgivings were over, we woke up this morning to SNOW!

3 Response to "Thanksgiving 2008"

  1. The Arnold Family Says:

    Happy (late) Thanksgiving! All the grandbabies look exactly the same!

  2. aunt jenny Says:

    Wow! Talk about your celebrations! Homemade doughnuts??!! Yummmmmmy!!! Hugs and kisses to my kiddies!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What a lot of celebrating!! Meals meals meals. ai'm sure Jayden had fun at the John Deere pavillion. Right up his alley. Good pics! See ya later, G-Ma XO XO