Countertops and Spring weather!

Sorry I haven't updated much lately, we've just been very busy. I've been taking a Realtor class on the weekends, and we've been trying to get the kitchen up and running before Easter gets here.
An update on the job situation, I was offered the job at my interview last week. It's with Remax, and I'm definitely planning on taking the job. So, if anyone in the Burlington area will be interested in buying or selling a house in a few months, give me a call! I still have to finish my class (one more weekend!), take the test, and get my licence. So I should be up and running within the next 2-3 months.
As far as the house goes, we've still been running into problems with our kitchen people. The employees there are fine, but the owner has been very difficult. I tried to schedule and appointment to have our counter tops installed, and they told us maybe this Friday. Instead, my mom suggested getting our installation money refunded and having my Uncle Perry do the installation. This was a great idea, and Perry finished the counter tops last night! We've even got the sink and stovetop in, not working, but they look nice! Not only do we definitely have them installed before Easter, but I think we have them installed better, because Perry did it. Plus, I didn't have to have the kitchen guy in my house again. Sorry. Bitter. I'll post pictures after Easter, we want to show it off to the family first. They look really really good. :)
We did finally have our first oven cooked meal in the house over the weekend, thank to Perry coming up and hooking it up on Sunday.
As far as Jayden goes, he has been LOVING the warm weather. Of course, it's cold again. Every morning he grabs his shoes and goes "Walk? Walk?" I feel so bad because the kid wants to be outside so much, but the weather just isn't permitting right now. We've also been trying to get o the park as much as possible.
We met with Taylor and Grandma on Taylor's Birthday. Both of the kids loved the slides and had a great time enjoying a beautiful day.

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  1. Becky Says:

    Whatcha cookin? It looks yummy! Can't wait to see the kitchen on Sunday! It sounds like Taylor had fun with You and Jayden on Monday, wish I could have been there!