PhotoHunt 54: Steps

It's been a few weeks since I've posted a Photo Hunt picture because of being at class all weekend for a little while, so I thought it was time I joined the game again!
This is of Jayden (of course!) at his favorite spot at Nana's house earlier this spring. He loves playing with the little rocks that line this pathway and it's always the first place he goes to when we get there.

7 Response to "PhotoHunt 54: Steps"

  1. jenn in holland Says:

    Dude! I would go hang out there too. It looks like a lot of fun! And the steps he has to climb? It's worth the reward of playing in rocks!

  2. jmb Says:

    Such fun, Mum, getting all dirty. The world is so interesting

  3. Shelby Says:

    How precious!!

  4. srp Says:

    What a cute little behind and very different steps too. Great picture for today's theme.

  5. Bengbeng Says:

    what a wonderful playground he has ...he can make up adventures of being king of the castle :) so high up the stairs :)

  6. Teena Says:

    Look at that concentration!

    Mine's up too :)

  7. meeyauw Says:

    Isn't that a great place for a little boy! I remember playing with stones and rocks too: to make houses!