Time to relax...

Don't let my lack of posting lead you to believe that it's been quiet around here...quite the opposite actually. Here's a brief update:
  • Jayden has been sick with something, we aren't sure what. He was out at Joe and Barb's yesterday morning and Barb called to say that Jayden just wasn't himself. He's had a temperature, and he's been very sleepy and irritable. All I gotta say is, thank God for Pee-Wee. We wouldn't have been able to get through the last couple of days with out him. We put him to bed in his big boy bed tonight, mostly because he crawled into that bed, laid his head down on the pillow, and pulled the sheet up over his head. He fell asleep fine, we're just hoping he makes it through the night alright.
  • I took my real estate exam yesterday, and I passed! I'll start shadowing at Remax while I wait for my background check to go through (which takes 9 weeks now!). I'm very excited, and can't wait to start my new career!
This weekend is the first weekend we've had in ages where we don't have a huge deadline to meet on the house, and I don't have my class or any studying to do. Woohoo!! I think we'll be working on the yard mostly, I've started turning over some ground for gardens and digging out some ground for a brick patio.
That's our little update for now, hopefully I'll be able to add more this weekend sometime. We shall see.

2 Response to "Time to relax..."

  1. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Congratulations on passing the test, Chelsea! Sorry to hear Jayden's been under-the-weather. Poor little buddy! Give him some get-better hugs and kisses for me!

  2. Carter-Ann Says:

    Congrats on the exam!