Any time now baby....

Well, it's February 18th. The due date.

I'm still pregnant.

Baby can come out any time now...

My will power to not eat an entire box of Ho Hos is dwindling more and more each day, I'm thinking once I can officially start saying "I'm 10 months pregnant" ALL will power will be out the door. I have my 40 week appointment today at 4pm, so send some labor vibes this way and hope that they'll just keep me!

2 Response to "Any time now baby...."

  1. First Pregnancy Says:

    Oh good luck, Chelsea!! I hope it happens soon! I can't imagine the anxiousness you must be feeling. Hell, I'm only 25 weeks and I'm dying to be done with this pregnancy already! 15 more weeks in counting! We're excited for you. I hope you get the chance to show off some pictures of your new little one for us! Best wishes and labor vibes coming your way...

  2. Peytonsmommy07 Says:

    Good luck! I can't wait to see the precious baby!