Still pregnant.

I'll go back to get checked on Friday, and if my body hasn't done anything significant then I'll have to go BACK next Monday or Tuesday for an ultrasound to make sure baby is happy. Basically, the doctor didn't seem in any big hurry to get this baby out. He keeps commenting that I'm measuring small, so he must think that the baby has room to grow or something. I measured small with Jayden, and I went a week and a half early and he was 7 pound 7 the longer I'm pregnant, the bigger my fear of a really big baby with an epidural free birth.
Any natural inducement ideas would be gladly welcomed. I've been eating spicy food and trying acupressure, and I did one sit up (I resorted to toe touches because my back is too sore for a real sit up). Being a believer in Murphy's Law, I've also spent hours walking around busy stores thinking my water would break if I kept putting myself in a public place, as well as going to the doctor without all of my bags packed. Maybe it doesn't work if you actually try to plan by it.

Well, here's hoping I don't make it to Friday.

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  1. The Arnold Family Says:

    Make a midwife cocktail. Google it.