As of tomorrow, I will be 38 weeks pregnant, I think it's about time for a pregnancy post. I get asked how I'm feeling multiple times a day. Frankly, I feel huge. And sore. Bloated. Tired. And I'll probably tell you as much, because as wonderful of an experience as pregnancy is, it's still pretty uncomfortable.

But obviously, the goods still out weigh the bads in many other regards. Jayden, for example. Even though it's a bit more work and a bit harder on my body, it's a lot of fun to be pregnant with a toddler. So far, Jayden is the best big brother a pregnant belly could have. Every day he comes up and hugs my belly, talking softly to it, "I love you baby" "Hi baby! Hiiiiiiiii" with big hugs and kisses. And once, a frantic (in a silly acting sort of way) "Get it out! Get it out!" when I explained that it was a little leg in there that was doing the kicking. Jayden is getting very eager for the new baby, and maybe slightly annoyed with us because we're making him wait so long. Once, my mom was over working on the room while I prepared to go to the grocery store. She asked Jayden "Is mommy going to get a new baby from the hospital?" Jayden replied "No, mama go to store." She tried to clarify, "Yes, mommy is going to the store now, but she'll go to the hospital when she gets the new baby." Once again, "No, mama go to store." When I came home with all of the groceries I took them into the kitchen, and Jayden ran frantically looking around and through the bags "Mama! Baby? Where baby?" It was cute, and you probably had to be there, but I thought I'd share the story so we'd always remember when we come back to read these blogs.

And really, even though I've complained, I've had a really great pregnancy. No big scares, uneventful doctor appointments, basically no worries. The doctor has told me that I'm measuring small, but I'm measuring the same that I measured with Jayden, and he was 7 pounds 7 ounces, so I'm not worried. This baby is active, but not nearly as active as Jayden was. The heartbeat has never been below 150, which makes people say it's a girl, but Jayden's heartbeat was always fairly fast also. I was doing really good with weight gain, until I hit week 20. Then I think I rewarded myself for my good behavior a bit too much. Cravings haven't been crazy with this one, no big bowls of sauerkraut like I had with Jayden. Towards the beginning it was jalepeno poppers, and chili, and lately it's been Mexican. So...spicy food I guess.

Well, there's a bit of an update. It's more of a point of reference for me, so I can see a little bit of what I really felt like rather than what I've made myself remember.
Hopefully we'll be bringing home the new addition within the next two weeks, I'd really rather not go past my due date.
And here, the token pregnancy picture. It's so hard to get a decent picture, but then again, I'm 9 months pregnant, how photogenic am I supposed to be?

That's all. I doubt I'll post again before the baby gets here, so wish us luck, and check back for pictures from the hospital!

5 Response to "Pregnancy"

  1. mandy Says:

    i know your just ready for the baby to come out....i hope you dont have too much longer to go

  2. The Arnold Family Says:

    You look great. Can't wait to meet the latest addition!!!

  3. Aunt Jenny Says:

    You look absolutely beautiful, Chelsea. And your stories of Jayden and the baby are too cute - what a good big brother he'll be. Give him kisses and hugs for me!

  4. Peytonsmommy07 Says:

    You look great! Every picture of me at nine months pregnatn, I look like I wanna cry! Good luck with your up comming arrival!

  5. First Pregnancy Says:

    You look adorable in your picture. I'm excited for you. I can't wait to see pictures of your new little bundle. Best wishes to you!