Maybe it's a good thing?

I seem to be stuck playing the waiting game, so I've been killing time in pretty unproductive ways. Today, I thought for fun I'd look up the babies' new astrology sign. I don't put a lot into astrology, but I do think it's fun. My mom is big on the compatibility between the signs, and this whole time we've been planning on the baby being an Aquarius. As Jayden is a Virgo, we were expecting the two to have a rather dramatic relationship because supposedly they would love each other, but there would a lot of fighting. But now, the baby has moved into the Pisces sign, which for a sibling match up is the "perfect couple."
Here is the little write up from :
This sibling combination is the "perfect couple". Though they come from opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, these two will have an easy time finding balance and harmony in all that they do. Virgo has a firm grip on reality, while Pisces likes to live in the world of imagination. It will be easy to see, even in early childhood, how these two will cross-pollinate their ideas and help one another to become well-rounded. Both are sensitive and kindly by nature, and even Virgo's criticism will roll off Pisces often-oblivious back. Pisces' creativity will entrance Virgo, and they'll work together to make their dreams come true. Of course, there will be fights now and then, but you won't have a hard time resolving them. A firm reminder to "play nice" might be all these two need. They're likely to continue playing well into their adult lives, too, much to their -- and your -- delight.
There you go, another pointless blog post. My camera is packed up, so this is why my blog is temporarily going away from cute family photos to this.

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  1. laurensmom0303 Says:

    Im a pieces, and most of my really close girlfriends are virgos. I dated a virgo, and it was horrible! Dating a pieces (8yrs), and its working fantastically. As much as I dont really believe in it, maybe theres something to it. Who knows!