Christmas: Round One

Well, last night we celebrated our first night of Christmas. Between Josh and I, we have a few separate Christmases to celebrate.

We celebrated last night with my dad and step mom at my sister's house in Fort Madison. Jayden had only napped 20 minutes the ENTIRE day (this was a 2 nap a day kid up until a couple of weeks ago), so he was pretty sleepy when it was time to open gifts.
Jayden and Ethan had a great time. Jayden didn't really get into the whole unwrapping business, but he had a GREAT time playing with his new toys. Ethan on the other hand, has the unwrapping thing down pat.
Also, FYI, my camera is still MIA.
I've been using my mom's camera, and everything has been coming out fuzzy and the flash hasn't been working. BUT, this morning, I figured it out and now its taking really good pictures. Last nights are all pretty fuzzy though.
Here is a shot of Heather's primary tree. She put the lights on, and the boys decorated the rest themselves! (The boys being Scott and Ethan).
This is the first present Jayden opened.
A John Deere tractor set! (Sorry Grandpa Joe!)
Sleepy boy...
Here's Jayden getting to his BIG present...
His First Craftsman Tool Bench!! It was very cool, it has working tools and everything. He LOVED it.

Here's a picture of a bit of the chaos that followed. It was a great evening, I think my dad may have even enjoyed himself a bit.

Tonight, we have Christmas at my mom's house followed by Christmas mass. Tomorrow morning we'll have our little Christmas celebration with the toys from Santa! And tomorrow afternoon we'll head over to Josh's parents house where the pile of presents are bigger than the kids.

My plan is to update after every celebration. Wish me luck.

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